Privacy Policy

As a 100% virtual convention, ACTIVATE takes your privacy very seriously.  We will never share your personal information with outside third parties and will always strive to be transparent about the steps we take to protect your privacy during our convention.


Our Zoom meetings are password protected.  Only participants who register will have access.  During Zoom meetings, users will not be able to view the participant list, chat with other users, share their screen, or turn on their video.  This is to protect the privacy of all participants.

During workshop sessions, participants will be able to speak directly to guests if they raise their hand.  A moderator will have ultimate control over the mute/unmute mic feature.  

A staff member or volunteer will be present in every workshop.  Participants will be able to submit questions to presenters via a moderated Q&A chat that the presenters will be able to see and reply to.  


While our Twitch chat is moderated, we do not have the ability to make our Twitch channel private to participants only.  A staff member will be monitoring chat to make sure participants adhere to our Code of Conduct.  

Participants are able to view the Twitch streams without creating a Twitch account.  However, participants that create a Twitch account should read through Twitch’s terms of service for an understanding of how Twitch uses their data.

Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter

Participants do not have to create an account to view content on these social media accounts.  However, participants looking to interact with content will need to create an account.  We encourage participants to read through the site’s terms of service prior to creating an account on any of these platforms for a firm understanding of how each site collects and uses your data.

Please direct any questions to

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